Santa Monica Airport – Vote YES on LC, NO on D!


Your “yes” vote on Santa Monica ballot measure LC will:

  • Keep Santa Monica residents in control of our airport land,
  • Preserve open space for the residents’ use, not special interests,
  • Empower the City to end jet noise and jet air pollution, and
  • Ensure that no development would be allowed without voter approval.

The campaign for local Control of Santa Monica Airport Land (CLCSMAL) has recently added more major organizational endorsements as well as many additional community leaders and every single serious City Council candidate. CLCSMAL has literally hundreds of endorsements, perhaps the longest list in Santa Monica election history, see has none!

Measure D has still to score their first serious endorsement despite almost a million dollars of spending trying. Not a single one in all this time. Of course there is a good reason for this, which is that anyone that takes the time to look into D immediately recognizes it as a deceptive con job being perpetrated on the electorate.  Measure D has raised more money than all other candidates and measures combined in the election this year (see pie chart below). CLCSMAL has received more local donations than any other candidate or measure, and yet we are still being outspent by 8:1 and that will likely rise to 10:1.

With their huge funding, Measure D has been reaching people about twice a week with slick deceptive mailers.

The truth is that measure LC is a once-in-a-lifetime to guarantee our future quality of life in this city, and to send the lobbyists who would destroy it packing!  Don’t be fooled by their lies – Vote Yes on LC, No on D.

If they have already managed to scare you into believing their lies, please go to : and find out the truth before it is too late!

The many WILL defeat the money this time. Our future depends on it!



MEASURE LC Shall the City Charter be amended to: (1) prohibit new development on Airport land, except for parks, public open spaces and public recreational facilities, until the voters approve limits on the uses and development that may occur on the land; and (2) affirm the City Council’s authority to manage the Airport and to close all or part of it?

MEASURE D Shall the Santa Monica City Charter be amended to require the City to continue to operate the Santa Monica Airport in a manner that supports its aviation uses unless the voters approve the Airport’s closure or change in use, and until that voter approval occurs, the City shall be prohibited from imposing additional restrictions on aviation support services to tenants and airport users that inhibit fuel sales or the full use of aviation facilities?