SMO in the News – November 2014

The following articles relating to SMO have appeared in the press during November 2014:

Of, by and for the people now and forever (Santa Monica Dispatch, Nov 21, 2014)
2013 flight totals at SMO lowest in recent history (SM Daily Press, Nov 19, 2014)
After The Santa Monica Airport Vote, The Time Is Right (SM Mirror, Nov 17, 2014)
Anti-airport group victorious in Santa Monica (General Aviation News, Nov 13, 2014)
Santa Monica doesn’t need its dangerous, polluting airport (LA Times, Nov 12, 2014)
Begin Planning for Park on Airport Property, SM Group Says (SM Lookout, Nov 12, 2014)
Noise violations down, noise complaints up at SMO (Santa Monica Daily Press, Nov 10, 2014)
LA Times Weighs In After Passage of Measure LC (Aviation Impact Reform, Nov 10, 2014)
Editorial Santa Monica versus the FAA over airport (LA Times, Nov 9, 2014)
Midterm Election Deals a Blow Against Santa Monica Airport (Flying, Nov 7, 2014)

In Santa Monica, ‘D’ is for ‘Delusion’ (Aviation Impact Reform, Nov 7, 2014)
With Measure LC Victory, City Council To Take Control Of SMO ( SM Mirror, Nov 7, 2014)
Voters Defeat Measure to Prevent SM, Calif., From Altering Airport (NY Times, Nov 6, 2014)
Opinions Vary on Reasons for Lopsided Ballot Measure Results (SM Lookout, Nov 6, 2014)
Voters Defer Responsibility for SoCal Airport’s Fate (AIN Online, Nov 6, 2014)
Measure LC victory proves citizens can beat big money (Santa Monica Dispatch, Nov 6, 2014)
Voters kill airport, parks tax proposals, OK Malibu land measure (LA Times, Nov 5, 2014)
Voters kill Measure D, approve Measure LC … Local Control of SMO (Open Daily, Nov 5, 2014)
NBAA Vows to Continue Fighting for Santa Monica Airport (NBAA, Nov 5, 2015)
Voters Pass Measure LC for Local Control of their Airport (Aviation Impact Reform, Nov 5, 2014)
SM Voters Pass LC for Local Control of their Airport (Aviation Impact Reform, Nov 5, 2014)
Measure D fails, Measure LC passes (Santa Monica Daily Press, Nov 5, 2014)
…Pro-Airport Measure Loses in Landslide (Santa Monica Lookout, Nov 5, 2014)
Santa Monica Airport Looses Big (, Nov 5, 2014)
Voters agree to leave fate of Santa Monica Airport to City Council (Westside Today, Nov 5, 2014)
L.A. County parks tax and Santa Monica airport Measure D in jeopardy (LA Times, Nov 5, 2014)
Ballot Measures… Could Have Major Impact on Future of SM (SM Lookout, Nov 3, 2014)
Thank God, it’s almost over (Santa Monica Next, Nov 3, 2014)
Measure D claims about airport are “nonsense” (Santa Monica Dispatch, Nov 1, 2014)