SMO in the News – October 2014

The following articles relating to SMO have appeared in the press during October 2014:

SM College officials denounce Prop D as “FALSE” (Santa Monica Dispatch, Oct 31, 2014)
$800,000 campaign question: Who’ll call the shots at the SMO? (KPCC, Oct 31, 2014)
Santa Monica Airport Fight (KCRW, Oct 31, 2014)
Santa Monica’s Airport Safety Sucks! (SlideShare, Oct 31, 2014)
Future of Santa Monica Airport Is Up In the Air (Design & Architecture, Oct 30, 2014)
An unprecedented handover of power – to the people (Santa Monica Dispatch, Oct 29, 2014)
Harrison Ford Wants to Jedi Mind Trick Voters … (Los Angeles Mag, Oct 29, 2014)
Ballot Measure Campaigns Top $1.1 Million (Santa Monica Lookout, Oct 29, 2014)
Aviation groups give more than $500,000 to save SMO (LA Times, Oct 29, 2014)
A Dogfight over the Santa Monica Airport (KCRW Radio, Oct 29, 2014)
Outside spending flooding in (Santa Monica Daily Press, Oct 29, 2014)
Letter To The Editor: SMO & The Old North Bridge (Santa Monica Mirror, Oct 28, 2014)
At SMO, the Noise Off the Runway Is Getting Louder (New York Times, Oct 28, 2014)
The battle for the airport heats up (Santa Monica Dispatch, Oct 26, 2014)
Have airport politics clouded the 2014 election…Kevin McKeown (SM Next, Oct 23, 2014)
Santa Monica Airport Revisited (Argonaut on Line, Oct 22, 2014)
USC Students To Hold Exhibit Of Proposed Future Uses For SMO (SM Mirror, Oct 22, 2014)
Letters: Aliens and the Airport (Santa Monica Daily Press, Oct 22, 2014)
Can lobbyist money buy control of Santa Monica land? (Santa Monica Dispatch, Oct 22, 2014)
City Council Candidates Take on the Airport Debate (Santa Monica Lookout, Oct 22, 2014)
VIDEO DEBATE: SMO Nov. 4 Ballot – Measure D vs. Measure LC (SM Mirror, Oct 21, 2014)
……….also available on YouTube and on WestSide Today
Updated Measure D fundraising as of today – over 3/4 million! (SM Dispatch, Oct 20, 2014)
Santa Monica Election Fundraising Revs Up for Final Stretch (SM Lookout, Oct 20, 2014)
Letters: Measure D and the airport (Santa Monica Daily Press, Oct 20, 2014)
SMO Fatal Crash Lawsuit Claims Hangar Too Close To Runway (SM Mirror, Oct 20, 2014)
Mid-city Neighbors to tackle ballot measures: pro & con (SM Dispatch, Oct 19, 2014)
Santa Monica Airport: Third Question For City Council Candidates (SM Mirror, Oct 18, 2014)
Santa Monica Votes: Airport Issues, Measures D & LC (Santa Monica Mirror, Oct 17, 2014)
Voters to decide Fate of Santa Monica Airport (KABC Eyewitness 7, Oct 16, 2014)
Future of Santa Monica Airport at Stake in Competing Ballot Measures (KTLA 5, Oct 16, 2014)
USC Students Re-Imagine Santa Monica Airport (Santa Monica Patch, Oct 16, 2014)
Santa Monica-Malibu PTA opposes measure D, backs LC (SM Dispatch, Oct 16, 2014)
Grant Elementary PTA To Consider Airport Ballot Measures Tonight (SM Mirror, Oct 14, 2014)
Another beautiful day in this neighborhood (Santa Monica Dispatch, Oct 13, 2014)
SM-Malibu Council Of PTAs Throws Support Behind Measure LC (SM Mirror, Oct 12, 2014)
An Invitation to a very important meeting (Santa Monica Dispatch, Oct 12, 2014)
Pro-SMO group raises $545K for Measure D (Santa Monica Daily Press, Oct 10, 2014)
Letters: It’s easy as LC, D — or is it? (Santa Monica Daily Press, Oct 10, 2014)
City TV Debate on Measure LC (Santa Monica City TV, Oct 9, 2014)
City TV Debate on Measure D (Santa Monica City TV, Oct 9, 2014)
Letter: League Of Women Voters Of Santa Monica On Ballot Measures (SM Mirror, Oct 6, 2014)
Residents to hear presentations on future of the airport (Santa Monica Dispatch, Oct 6, 2014)
Letter: Venice Residents Affected By SMO Can’t Vote On Problem (SM Mirror, Oct 6, 2014)
City Hall: Aviation less valuable to the regional economy than imagined (SMDP, Oct  6, 2014)
Measure LC Proponents Hosting Free Santa Monica Carnival Today (SM Mirror, Oct 5, 2014)
Sierra Club Throws Support Behind Santa Monica Ballot Measure LC (SM Mirror, Oct 4, 2014)
Sierra Club users “Yes” vote on SM airport Measure LC, “No” on D (SM Dispatch, Oct 3, 2014)
Letter Regarding SMO Economic Impact (SM Lookout, Oct 3, 2014)
Santa Monica Anti-Airport Group Cries Foul on Election Ads (SM Lookout, Oct 1, 2014)

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