SMO in the News

The airport visioning process, and the public perception of flaws in that process, continue to be the focus as far as SMO is concerned.  In particular the city is now questioning the role of the airport commission and that of CASMAT (see Dec 8 SMDP article).

While we cannot speak for the airport commission, the role of CASMAT is clear; we seek to ensure that both the city and the public are fully informed about all pertinent facts relating to the airport.  Surveying public opinion in order to inform the city what the public wants done with the airport definitely falls under that charter.  We would expect that the city should welcome such help.

To avoid possible confusion as to who is running the CASMAT survey, we have updated the ‘title’ at the top of our survey page, although the descriptive text below was, and remains, quite clear on this matter.

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