SMO in the News – Jan 2017

The following articles relating to SMO have appeared in the press during January 2017:

Santa Monica Airport, Trump’s border wall (KCRW, Jan 31, 2017)
Santa Monica Airport to become public park in 2029 (Architects News, Jan 31, 2017)
SMO Agreement Clears Runway of Mounting Litigation Costs (SM Lookout, Jan 31, 2017)
Bowing to City Pressure, FAA Agrees to Close SMO (Flying Magazine, Jan 31, 2017)
FAA & City of Santa Monica Reach Compromise (JDA Journal, Jan 30, 2017)
FAA Caves In to City Demand To Close Santa Monica Airport (AIN Online, Jan 29, 2017)
JetSuiteX CEO Says Flights at SMO Could Be Canceled (SM Lookout, Jan 30, 2017)
Reaction to Santa Monica Airport Closure Deal Mixed (SM Lookout, Jan 30, 2017)
A Stunning Betrayal: FAA Caves In To SM NIMBY Demands (AIN Online, Jan 29, 2017)
The SMO settlement, eternal vigilance, … beginning of the end (Healthy City Local, Jan 29, 2017)
Santa Monica Airport will close forever in 2028 (89.3 KPCC, Jan 28, 2017)
City and FAA agree to shorten runway, ultimately close (Aviation Impact Reform, Jan 28, 2017)
FAA Reaches Settlement Agreement with City of Santa Monica (FAA, Jan 28, 2017)
Trump Admin Sandbagged on SMO Closure; … (S.M Observer, Jan 28, 2017)
City Gains Authority to Close Airport on January 1, 2029 (Santa Monica Next, Jan 28, 2017)
City Reaches Agreement with FAA to Close Airport by 2028 (SM Next, Jan 28, 2017)
Santa Monica Airport will close forever in 2028 (89.3 KPCC, Jan 28, 2017)
Deal Reached to close SMO Indefinitely in 2028 (CBS Local, Jan 28, 2017)
Deal reached to close Southern California Airport (Associated Press, Jan 28, 2017)
SMO to close in 2028, City Announces (Chan 7 Eyewitness News, Jan 28, 2017)
SMO will close in 2028 and be replaced by a park, officials say (LA Times, Jan 28, 2017)
City, FAA Agree to Close Santa Monica Airport in 2028 (Santa Monica Lookout, Jan 28, 2017)
Closure date set for Santa Monica Airport (Santa Monica Daily Press, Jan 28, 2017)
Airport Comm. Chair … Commercial Flights ‘Alarming Precedent’ (SM Lookout, Jan 27, 2017)
Disruptive Aeronautics (The Argonaut, Jan 25, 2017)
Private Jet CEO sees huge business opportunity at SMO (SM Daily Press, Jan 25, 2017)
Santa Monica Council Meets for Special Closed Session on Airport (SM Lookout, Jan 20, 2017)
City Illegally Attempt Air Commerce Regulation, JetSuiteX … (SM Lookout, Jan 13, 2017)
Recreational Space Next to Santa Monica Airport Opening Soon (SM Lookout, Jan 13, 2017)
City Rejects JetSuiteX application for Part 135 Charter (Aviation Impact Reform, Jan 12, 2017)
Court Bid to Evict Key Aviation Tenants from SMO Delayed Again (SM Lookout, Jan 11, 2017)
Letter from Congressman Ted Lieu to M. Huerta (, Jan 6, 2017)
City leaders to discuss Airport Park plans at next meeting (S.M. Daily Press, Jan 5, 2017)