SMO in the News – Dec 2016

The following articles relating to SMO have appeared in the press during December 2016:

Answers Needed in Santa Monica (Aviation Impact Reform, Dec 30, 2016)
Year in Review: SMO (Santa Monica Daily Press, Dec 28, 2016)
No Runway Protection Zones, in Stark Contrast … (Aviation Impact Reform, Dec 25 2016)
Scheduled Charter Jets at SMO: ‘Are You Kidding Me?’ (Aviation Impact Reform, Dec 23 2016)
No Need for Permit to Operate at SMO, JetSuiteX Official Says (SM Lookout, Dec 21, 2016)
JetsuiteX Affordable Flights at SMO Not Yet Approved (SM Lookout, Dec 21, 2016)
Promise of ‘Affordable’ Flights from SMO Angers Activists (SM Lookout, Dec 19, 2016)
Keeping the airport open (Santa Monica Daily Press, Dec 17, 2016)
Lead emissions from planes may be costing billions … (Journalist’s Resource, Dec 14, 2016)
Rep. Ted Lieu Statement on FAA Cease & Desist order (, Dec 14, 2016)
FAA Orders City to Temporarily Halt Santa Monica Airport Evictions (S.M. Lookout, Dec 14, 2016)
FAA demands reprieve for airport evictions (Santa Monica Daily Press, Dec 14, 2016)
JetSuiteX to Introduce Service For Everyone at SMO (Yahoo Finance, Dec 14, 2016)
Is FAA Bluffing on its ‘Cease & Desist Order’? (Aviation Impact Reform, Dec 13, 2016)
FAA orders a halt to evictions of aviation companies at embattled SMO (LA Times, Dec 13, 2016)
City Decides to Delay Court Fight Over Airport Tenant’s Eviction (SM Lookout, Dec 7, 2016)
We Are At War With the FAA Over SM Airport… (S.M. Observed, Dec 7, 2016)
[KSMO]: Grossly Incompatible witt Community Around It (Aviation Impact Reform, Dev 2, 2016)
Jangled By Airport Noise (AV Web, Dec 1 2016)