SMO in the News – March 2015

The following articles relating to SMO have appeared in the press during March 2015:

Talk of shortened SMO runway heats up (Santa Monica Daily Press, March 2, 2015)
Plane Crashes on Santa Monica Golf Course (NBC Channel 4, Mar 5, 2015)
Harrison Ford plane crashes…Actor seriously injured (TMZ, Mar 5, 2015)
Man in Critical Condition After Small Plane Crashes (KTLA 5, Mar 5, 2015)
Harrison Ford Hospitalized After Plane Crash (NBC 4 LA, Mar 5, 2015)
Small plane crashes a…; pilot in critical condition (LA Times, Mar 5, 2015)
Harrison Ford’s plane crashes at golf course near SMO (SM Daily Press, Mar 5, 2015)
Plane Crashes on LA Golf Course; Pilot Critically Injured (ABC News, Mar 5, 2015)
Harrison Ford injured in plane crash (MSNBC, Mar 5, 2015)
Harrison Ford Plane Crash At Penmar Golf Course (SM Mirror, Mar 5, 2015)
Harrison Ford recovering after crash landing plane on golf course (LA Times, Mar 6, 2015)
‘Battered’ Harrison Ford survives crash landing on golf course (Fox News, Mar 6, 2015)
Video reveals terrifying moments before crash (Daily News, Mar 6, 2015)
Facing numerous obstacles, he did ‘best thing’ (LA Times, Mar 6, 2015)
Harrison Ford plane crash: Doctor feared fireball (BBC News, Mar 6, 2015)
Harrison Ford Recovering After Plane Crash Next To SMO (SM Mirror, Mar 6, 2015)
Harrison Ford injured in plane crash (USA Today, Mar 6, 2015)
Harrison Ford May Have Ruined the Santa Monica Airport For Good (, Mar 6, 2015)
Santa Monica Airport-area residents react to Harrison Ford’s crash (LA Times, Mar 6, 2015)
20 Years of Santa Monica Airport Plane Crashes (Santa Monica Patch, Mar 6, 2015)
Ford plane crash becomes rallying cry from airport’s neighbors (The Guardian, Mar 6, 2015)
My Neighborhood Is Harrison Ford’s Backup Plan (Daily Beast, Mar 6, 2015)
Insurance companies may ground pilot Harrison Ford after crash (LA Times, Mar 6, 2015)
Will Harrison Ford Be the One to Shut Down SaMo Airport? (LA Curbed, Mar 6, 2015) 
Santa Monica Airport’s “Spotless Record” is a myth (Santa Monica Dispatch, Mar 8, 2015)
Harrison Ford’s Crash Brings International Attention to SMO Debate (SM Lookout, Mar 9, 2015)
Harrison Ford had no choice after engine quit, preliminary report says (LA Times, Mar 10, 2015)
$1.3M spent in support of ballot measures (Santa Monica Daily Press, Mar 10, 2015)
Harrison Ford’s plane crash stokes calls for airport closure (The Argonaut, Mar 11, 2015)
Brock On Your Block: Santa Monica Airport2Park Foundation (SM Mirror, Mar 13, 2015)
July 1, 2015:Measure LC begins (, Mar 15, 2015) – Video
Ford Plane Crash was Wake-up Call (Santa Monica Dispatch, Mar 16, 2015)
Former Airport Commissioner offers advice to Council (Santa Monica Dispatch, Mar 17, 2015)
City Hall suggests cautious plans for SMO (Santa Monica Daily Press, Mar 19, 2015)
City Attorney:FAA Likely to Win Court Battle to Prevent SMO Closure (SMDP, Mar 19, 2015)
Santa Monica Airport lawsuits abound (Santa Monica Daily Press, Mar 20, 2015)
When it comes to SMO, it’s hurry up and wait (The healthy City Local, Mar 20, 2015)
Harrison Ford Crashes Into Santa Monica Airport Issue (Santa Monica Mirror, Mar 21, 2015)
A message from David Goddard, Airport Commission Chair (SM Dispatch, Mar 23, 2015)
Urgent! Airport rally, Tuesday 5:30, City Hall (Santa Monica Dispatch, Mar 23, 2015)
Step forward or backing down?: Council debates airport plans (SM Next, Mar 23, 2015)
Letters: Debating the dangers of Santa Monica Airport (Santa Monica Daily Press, Mar 24, 2015)
SMO Advocates, Opponents Hope for Big Crowd at Council Meeting (SM Lookout, Mar 24, 2015)
Action Alert: From Mid-City Neighbors to friends, residents, … (SM Dispatch, Mar 24, 2015)
Future of Santa Monica Airport Up For Debate (NBC 4 LA, Mar 24, 2015)
Santa Monica Residents Attend City Council Meeting … Airport (KTLA 5, Mar 24, 2015)
NBAA Warns Local Officials About Legal Obligations Regarding SMO (NBAA, Mar 25, 2015)
Santa Monica To Prep Leases for Possible Closure of SM (AIN online, Mar 25, 2015)
Santa Monica to expand Airport Park (Airport2Park, Mar 25, 2015)
Santa Monica City Council revises lease terms for airport tenants (LA Times, Mar 25, 2015)
Santa Monica Airport Media Advisory (City of Santa Monica, Mar 25, 2015)
Council to wait out SMO litigation (Santa Monica Daily Press, Mar 25, 2015)
Santa Monica changes airport leases, makes way for park land (AOPA, Mar 26, 2015)
Santa Monica Council OKs New Lease Terms for Airport Tenants (SM Lookout, Mar 26, 2015)
Council Votes to Remove Tie Downs & Implement Short Term Leases (Flying, Mar 26, 2015)
Santa Monica Protestors Crowd City Hall’s Front Steps (Santa Monica Mirror, Mar 26, 2015)
Just what did City Council do about SMO Tuesday night? (The Healthy City Local, Mar 26, 2015)
Coexisting At SMO: Three Year Aviation Leases, New Parks (SM Mirror, Mar 27, 2015)
Santa Monica Airport Inches Closer to Closure (Canyon News, Mar 27, 2015)
Letter: Airport artists need leases (Santa Monica Daily Press, Mar 27, 2015)
Council Session on Airport Future is Productive (Santa Monica Dispatch, Mar 28, 2015)
Harrison Ford .. Champion For Improving Private Plane Safety? (Huffington Post, Mar 30, 2015)