SMO in the News – March 2014

The following articles relating to SMO have appeared in the press during March 2014:

The drones are coming! (Santa Monica Dispatch, Mar 30, 2014)
Letters: What to do with Santa Monica’s airport (LA Times, Mar 30, 2014)
It’s our town, our airport, our land, our decision (Santa Monica Dispatch, Mar 29, 2014)
What Say You? Closing Santa Monica Airport (Santa Monica Mirror, Mar 29, 2014)
Helicopter Pilots Endorse Initiative To Keep SMO Open (Santa Monica Mirror, Mar 29, 2014)Desperate Times, Measures, Companies .. Rent Corporate Jets (Healthy City, Mar 28, 2014)
Group wants future of SMO to be decided by voters (Santa Monica Daily Press, Mar 28, 2014)
Initiative … Sought To Alter Santa Monica’s Airport Strategy (Santa Monica Mirror, Mar 28, 2014)
Path Set For Potential Closure Of Santa Monica Airport (Santa Monica Mirror, Mar 28, 2014)
Supporters of SMO File Paperwork for Ballot Initiative (SM Lookout, Mar 28, 2014)
SMO turmoil leaves leaseholders in limbo (Santa Monica Daily Press, Mar 27, 2014)
Residents seek control of Santa Monica’s future (AOPA, Mar 27, 2014)
Letter: Not-so-friendly skies (Santa Monica Daily Press, Mar 27, 2014)
Fresh Threat To Santa Monica Airport (, Mar 27, 2014)
City turns its sights on the Airport (Santa Monica Dispatch, Mar 27, 2014)
Battle Over Santa Monica Airport Heats Up … Again (, Mar 27, 2014)
Council votes to chip away at Santa Monica Airport (Santa Monica Daily Press, Mar 26, 2014)
City Council votes to keep pursuing control over airport land (89.3 KPCC, Mar 26, 2014)
NBAA Opposes Latest Attempt by City Officials to Restrict SMO (NBAA, Mar 26, 2014)
Santa Monica launches effort to shut down … city airport (LA Times, Mar 26, 2014) – Video
AOPA challenges city to let voters decide SMO future (, Mar 26, 2014)
Residents Pack City Hall For Debate On Future Of SMO (CBS LA, Mar 25, 2014) – Video
Santa Monica City Council Approves Plan To Take Over Portion Of Airport (CBS LA, Mar 25, 2014)
Santa Monica to consider aggressive plan to shrink airport operations (LA Times, Mar 25, 2014)
Residents To Speak Out On Future Of SMO (CBS LA, Mar 25, 2014)
Santa Monica Airport:Background Information (Santa Monica Dispatch, Mar 25, 2014)
SMO Future To Headline City Council Meeting This Tuesday (Santa Monica Mirror, Mar 24, 2014)
Santa Monica Prepares for New Hearing on Airport’s Future (SM Lookout, Mar 24, 2014)
Santa Monica Airport Update (Santa Monica Dispatch, Mar 24, 2014)
Turning Santa Monica Airport into a local land use matter (Santa Monica Patch, Mar 23, 2014)
Airport2Park Urges City Council To Take Bolder Steps To Close Airport (SM Mirror, Mar 22, 2014)
Time to Rally Around Santa Monica Airport! (, Mar 22, 2014)
AOPA urges SMO supporters to speak up (, Mar 20, 2014)
City Hall: Full Santa Monica Airport closure could take time (SM Daily Press, Mar 19, 2014)
Airport Commission doing its job (Santa Monica Daily Press, Mar 18, 2014)
Designing a Park by Bike, update from Airport2Park (Santa Monica Spoke, Mar 17, 2014)
Events: Airport ArtWalk, Creative Site Activation… (Santa Monica Next, Mar 11, 2014)
My Write: Anti-airport commission fumbles (Santa Monica Daily Press, Mar 9, 2014)
Airport2Park at Mar Vista Farmers Market (, Mar 7, 2014)
Letter: Dereliction of duty (Santa Monica Daily press, Mar 7, 2014)
Pilots: Don’t starve us, work with us (Santa Monica Daily Press, Mar 5, 2014)
Airport Commission recommends starving SMO (Santa Monica Daily Press, Mar 4, 2014)