SMO in the News – February 2014

The following articles relating to SMO have appeared in the press during February 2014:

“Dirty Tricks?” New Push Poll for SMO (Santa Monica Next, Feb 27, 2014)
Santa Monica advocates prep for next round (AOPA, Feb27, 2014)

Feb 24: Pattern flying drops once again to record low levels in January:
Jet operations at SMO on the other hand have been steadily going up for the last two years:

New Poll on the Future of SMO Alarms Activists (Santa Monica Lookout, Feb 24, 2014)

Unnamed Pro-SMO Groups Alleged To Be “Push-Polling” (Santa Monica Mirror, Feb 22, 2014)

Unnamed Pro-SMO Groups Alleged To Be “Push-Polling” (, Feb 21, 2014)
Pollsters promote airport handcuffs for Santa Monica (CASMAT, Feb 21, 2014)

Federal Ruling On SMO Says Santa Monica’s Claim Both Early & Late (SM Mirror, Feb 21, 2014)
Letter: Airport closure means more development (Santa Monica Daily Press, Feb 20, 2014)
CityDig: When Santa Monica Airport Was Clover Field (LA Magazine, Feb 20, 2014)

Clarifying the Ruling on the Future of Santa Monica Airport (The Lookout, Feb 19, 2014)

Congresswoman Karen Bass To Speak At Meeting Tonight On SMO (SM Mirror, Feb 18, 2014)
Letter: Keep fighting (Santa Monica Daily Press, Feb 18, 2014)
The Fight for Santa Monica Airport (, Feb 17, 2014)
A Quiver Full of Arrows to Close SMO (Santa Monica Patch, Feb 17, 2014)
Advocates for SMO Closure Undaunted by Legal Ruling (Santa Monica Next, Feb 17, 2014)

Santa Monica Airport (Feb 17): Airfield Lighting Cable Replacement Project
Construction will begin for the removal and replacement of electrical cables and connectors for all the existing taxiway lights. This work will take place between the hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. No impact to traffic surrounding the airport. All work will take place within the airport. For more information, contact Carlos Rosales, construction manager, city of Santa Monica, at (310) 458-8721.

Judge tosses Santa Monica’s airport lawsuit – (NewsVine, Feb 17, 2014)
Park Advocates Undaunted By Judge’s SMO Lawsuit Dismissal (SM Mirror, Feb 16, 2014)
AOPA To Fight For Continued Operation Of SMO (Santa Monica Mirror, Feb 16, 2014)

Judge tosses Santa Monica’s airport lawsuit (LA Times, Feb 14, 2014)

Park advocates undaunted by judge’s ruling (, Feb 14, 2014)
Santa Monica Loses Airport Lawsuit In Victory For GA Proponents (AINonline, Feb 14, 2014)
Judge Tosses Santa Monica Lawsuit Against FAA (The Lookout News, Feb 14, 2014)

Federal judge tosses Santa Monica Airport lawsuit (Santa Monica Daily Press, Feb 13, 2014)
Judge Throws out City’s Suit Against FAA over Airport (Santa Monica Patch, Feb 13, 2014)
Federal judge throws out Santa Monica’s lawsuit over airport (LA Times, Feb 13, 2014)

NBAA, AOPA Defend Santa Monica Airport (Flying, Feb 11, 2014)

Q-Line: Big shoes to fill (Santa Monica Daily Press, Feb 7, 2014)
No oral arguments for next airport suit decision (Santa Monica Daily Press, Feb 7, 2014)

City Attorney’s Office (Feb 6):We just received an order from Judge Walter’s clerk that the oral argument on the USA’s motion to dismiss in the City of Santa Monica v. USA, set for this Monday at 1:30pm in the Central District, has been taken off calendar.  The judge has taken the matter under submission, which means he is going to issue his ruling based solely on the papers submitted by the parties.  We expect a ruling in the next few days.

Airport park backers talk money (Santa Monica Daily Press, Feb 6, 2014)