SMO in the News – October 2013

The following articles relating to SMO have appeared in the press during October 2013:

City Hall Sues FAA Over Future of Santa Monica Airport (SM Lookout, Oct 31, 2013)
Santa Monica sues FAA to gain control of embattled city airport (LA Times, Oct 31, 2013)
Breaking news: City Hall sues FAA to gain control of SMO (SM Daily Press, Oct 31, 2013)
Santa Monica Sues Feds Over Control of City Airport (LA Weekly, Oct 31, 2013)
City To Challenge FAA In Court Over Future Control Of SMO (SM Mirror, Oct 31, 2013)
Opinion: Airfield of dreams (Santa Monica Daily Press, October 31, 2013)
No Signs of Tire Damage in Santa Monica Plane Crash, Fire: Report (NBC 4, Oct 24, 2013)
NTSB: No Technical Issues in Santa Monica Plane Crash (Santa Monica Patch, Oct 24, 2013)

Pattern flying at SMO drops again to just 16.8% of total operations (update to earlier post)

Council considers spending $2.75M in consent agenda (SM Daily Press, Oct 21, 2013)
King Air Gets U.S. Coast-To-Coast Record (AIN online, Oct 21, 2013)
Councilman Kevin McKeown Named Democrat Of The Year (SM Mirror, Oct 18, 2013)
SMO jet crash investigation starts again post-shutdown (89.3 KPCC, Oct 18, 2013)
In this case, no need to compromise (The Healthy City Local, Oct 15, 2013)
Sierra Club Supports Converting Santa Monica Airport Into A Park (SM Mirror, Oct 14, 2013)
CRAAP Responds To Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association (SM Mirror, Oct 13, 2013)
AOPA:Tragedy Should Not Be An Opportunity For Political Points (SM Mirror, Oct 12, 2013)
Has Santa Monica Airport Outgrown Sustainability? (Santa Monica Mirror, Oct 12, 2013)
Members put AOPA execs in hot seat at Summit (AOPA, Oct 12, 2013)
Jet in Trouble Makes Safe Landing at LAX (790 KABC, Oct 10, 2013)
Airport2Park Seeks To Close Santa Monica Airport (AIN on-line, Oct 10, 2013)
Plane Headed to SMO Makes Flyby At LAX (Santa Monica Patch, Oct 9, 2013)
New Santa Monica anti-airport group gains momentum at first meeting (SM Lookout, Oct 8, 2013)
Today in Venice-Mar Vista: …, Airport to Park Gains Momentum,… (Venice Patch, Oct 7, 2013)
Letter: Living in the land of Oz (Santa Monica Daily Press, Oct 7, 2013)
4th Plane Crash Victim Officially Identified as Lucas Benjamin (SM Patch, Oct 6, 2013)
Airport2Park – the time is now (Santa Monica Patch, Oct 5, 2013)
SaMo residents discuss turning airport to park post crash (Corsair on-line, Oct 4, 2013)
Muffler pilot program to quiet prop planes (Santa Monica Daily Press, Oct 4, 2013)
Coroner’s Office Officially Identifies Three Of Four SMO Crash Victims (SM Mirror, Oct 4, 2013)
The Santa Monica Airport Must be Closed … But with a Caveat (CityWatch, Oct 4, 2013)
Female Victim in Santa Monica Plane Crash Officially Identified (SM Patch,  Oct 4, 2013)

Per e-mail from Martin Pastucha (Oct 3):

…the target completion date for the LAX VOR repairs has been extended yet again due to a faulty power transformer.  The anticipated completion date is October 11.  We will continue to monitor the situation and we will keep you informed as more information becomes available.

This situation has now been going on since June!  See here for what this means.

Fatal crash renews debate over future of historic California airport (Reuters, Oct 3, 2013)
Some say too soon to talk SMO closure in wake of fatal crash (SM Daily Press, Oct 3, 2013)
Small plane lands safely on San Jose expressway (The Republican, Oct 3, 2013)
Airport Commission Chair Renews Call For Reduction Of Ops. At SMO (CBS LA, Oct 3, 2013)

Airport2Park To Discuss Turning SMO Into A Park At Workshop (SM Mirror, Oct 3, 2013)
Crashes up, flights down at SMO in recent years (Santa Monica Daily Press, Oct 2, 2013)
Fatal crash into airport hangar renews calls for runway protection (Argonaut, Oct 2, 2013)
Santa Monica Airport crash revives shutdown campaign (89.3 KPCC, Oct 2, 2013)
Councilman Bonin Explains Why SMO Should Be Closed For Good (Venice Patch, Oct 2, 2013)
Letter from Congressman Waxman to NTSB re:SMO safety (, Oct 2, 2013)

Efforts to Turn SMO into Park Get Sierra Club’s Support (SM Lookout, Oct 1, 2013)
SaMo Airport Reopens …, Probe On Hold Due to Federal Shutdown (SM Patch, Oct 1, 2013)
SaMo Plane Crash Victim Remembered As Committed Conservationist (SM Patch, Oct 1, 2013)
SMO Crash Victim Remembered as Generous Community Supporter (SM Lookout, Oct 1, 2013)
Waxman To FAA Administrator: Santa Monica Crash A Wake Up Call (SM Mirror, Oct 1, 2013)
Letter from Congressman Waxman to FAA (, Oct 1, 2013)
SMO Commission Chairman David Goddard – TalkRadio (790 KABC, Oct 1, 2013)

Small Jet Crashes at SMO, takes out a hangar (CASMAT, Sept 29, 2013)
    — we are posting all stories just on the crash to the single location above.

Santa Monica Airport remains closed as crash probe continues (LA Times, Oct 1, 2013)
4 bodies found in wreckage of crashed jet (KARE 11 Oct 1, 2013)
No Trouble Reported Before Calif. Jet Crash (ABC News, Oct 1, 2013)