CASMAT Petition Results

The CASMAT petition in support of the Airport Commission recommendations has now closed.  In all there were a total of 1,812 signatures.  After eliminating duplicate signatures by the same individual, this number was reduced to 1,687.  The pie chart below shows the distribution of signatures by ZIP code for the signatory’s residence:

CASMAT petition signatures by ZIP code

In all 64% of all signatures (1,076) were from Santa Monica, 50% from the 90405 ZIP code alone (which actually contains SMO).  Other significant wedges in the pie were 14% for the 90066 ZIP code (Mar Vista) and 12% for the 90291 ZIP (Venice), both of which are under the SMO pattern flying loop.  The 90064 ZIP code, which is primarily impacted by landings and jet fumes, constituted 6% of the signatures.

SMO and surrounding ZIP codes

On-line signatures contained address, e-mail, and other details, which were used to verify the signatory.  In addition, a significant number of petitions were submitted by mail in response to various flyers and petition inserts in local newspapers.  The text of the petition read as follows:

The Airport Commission recommendations are summarized below (see originals here, here, and here):


We will be presenting these petition results to the City Council in the new year, and advocating for the council to take decisive action in support of the recommendations based on the widespread public support as indicated by the petition and the earlier CASMAT survey.