City Council Candidate Ratings

Candidate ratings by % confidence
that they will bring about real change
for the better at SMO.
CASMAT has conducted a poll of its most active and informed volunteers regarding perceptions of the 15 City Council candidates as far as confidence that if they were elected, they would bring about real change at SMO in line with the findings of the CASMAT survey (which showed that over 80% of respondents want aviation operations reduced, mitigated, or eliminated completely).
Those polled attended events and reviewed various sources in order to reach their conclusions including (but not limited to) the following:
  • The CRAAP forum (all candidates attended).
  • Stated candidate positions from various sources.
  • CASMAT informal 1-2 hour individual meetings with incumbents and other candidates ranked highly by other means.
Volunteers were asked to rate candidates on a scale of 1-10 based on their position with regards to the airport and on volunteer assessment of likely candidate effectiveness in bringing about the desired change.  This rating relates to airport issues only; volunteers were instructed to ignore candidate positions on any other subject since these are not CASMAT’s focus.  Due to the nature of politics, this rating system is considerably more subjective than CASMAT’s normal reports. However, we felt that it was critical that we find some way to inform the public on this matter as this critical election (which may largely determine the future of the airport) approaches.
The chart to the left shows the accumulated results as a percentage.
All candidate SMO related statement links are available below.

Too see how these ratings map onto local organizational endorsements, see here.

Links to SMO related Candidate information

C.R.A.A.P Candidate forum video – Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.  – Best place to see/hear all candidate positions on SMO.
Friends of Sunset Park Candidate Questionnaire Answers: Link – Candidate written responses to various SMO questions.
City of Santa Monica Council Candidates page: Link – Gives links to candidate web sites and statements.
Santa Monica Patch Article (Brian R. Bland) about candidate forum:  Link – Quick summary of candidate SMO positions.

Additional Links for Candidates

Ted Winterer:  
Richard McKinnon:
Frank Gruber:   Also:here (video)
Tony Vazquez:            Not available

Bob Seldon:              Not available
Steve Duron:   
Jerry Rubin:   
John Cyrus Smith:
Armen Melkonian:
Jonathan Mann:           Not available

Gleam Davis:   
Terry O’Day:   
Roberto Gomez: 
Terence Later: 
Shari Davis:   

PLEASE NOTE: CASMAT does not endorse, and this rating is not an endorsement.  CASMAT’s mission is to inform the public on all matters relating to the airport.  This rating is part of that mission.