SMO in the News

The following articles relating to SMO appeared in the press during June 2012.

SMO… Relocation Plan For Flight Schools Nose Dives (Santa Monica Mirror, June 29, 2012)
FAA not objecting to flight school payments (Santa Monica Daily Press, June 29, 2012)
Santa Monica City Council Postpones Flight School Plan (The LookOut News, June 28, 2012)
SoCal cities say no to SMO flight schools (Santa Monica Daily Press, June 28, 2012)
Technicality stalls council vote on paying flight schools (Santa Monica Daily Press, June 28, 2012)
Council Shows Support for Unpopular Airport Incentives (Santa Monica Patch, June 26, 2012)

Seminar on future of unleaded AVGAS (Santa Monica Dispatch, June 25, 2012)
Monday’s Airport Commission Meeting Canceled (Santa Monica Patch, June 21, 2012)
Calling into question airport surveys (Santa Monica Daily Press, June 19, 2012)
Flight School Incentive Program to Get More Vetting (Santa Monica Patch, June 13, 2012)
Get Outta Here! City Considers Paying Pilots to Fly Elsewhere (Santa Monica Patch, June 12, 2012)
Pilot who buzzed Santa Monica Pier under investigation (LA Times, June 9, 2012)
Cops nail suspect in vandalism incident at SMO (Santa Monica Daily Press, June 5, 2012)
1 arrested for allegedly throwing nails at Santa Monica Airport (LA Times, June 5, 2012)
Venice Man Suspected of Scattering Nails at Airport (Santa Monica Patch, June 4, 2012)

Hundreds of Nails Pepper Flight School Driveways (Santa Monica Patch, June 1, 2012)
Nails found in flight schools’ driveways (Santa Monica Daily Press, June 1, 2012)