Update to Vector Solutions Accuracy Report

With the recent posting of the February Vector Solutions Data on the Airport web site, it is now possible for CASMAT to re-assess the accuracy of this system following the upgrades and fixes that were scheduled to occur during February.  The FAA tower data from the February noise report is used for comparison purposes.

It appears that the accuracy of the Vector Solutions system has been substantially improved since our last evaluation.  Though the system still misses the up to 25% or more of all activity during week days that consists of Touch & Go (T&G) operations (since they are not seen by the cameras), on weekends and holidays when T&G operations are forbidden, the basic system error rate is now down to around 5%.

The community would like to thank the City and airport staff for bringing this data source on-line, it provides the first detailed window into SMO operations other than the CASMAT reports on this subject (which the Vector Solutions data now matches/confirms).  The updated accuracy report is available via the link below.

Link:Update to Vector Solutions Accuracy Report using February Data