SMO in the News

Not surprisingly, coverage of and community reaction to, the SMO flight school voluntary night time pattern flying reduction tops the news (see also the previous CASMAT post):
Setting the record straight (Santa Monica Daily Press – Dec 29, 2011)
Flight Schools Offer an Empty Gesture (Santa Monica Daily Press – Dec 23, 2011)
Flight Schools Reduce Hours in Air (Santa Monica Dispatch – Dec 23, 2011)
SMO Flight Schools Agree to Voluntary Night Flying…(Santa Monica Mirror – Dec 23, 2011)
What Facts? (Santa Monica Daily Press – Dec 23, 2011)
Airport flight schools promise to restrict hours (Santa Monica Daily Press – Dec 23, 2011)
SMO Flights Schools Throw a Meatless Bone (Santa Monica Patch – Dec 22, 2011)
Santa Monica Flight Schools Agree to Restrictions (The LookOut News – Dec 22, 2011)