Links to studies on health risks associated with the airport

A number of people have requested that we include more information on studies of the health risks associated with living near the airport.  Below are a set of links to various studies on this subject.

Does the … Lead in Aviation Fuel Endanger Public Health…? (Scientific American, Sept 3, 2012)
Airport’s leaden fallout may taint some kids – Science News (July 14, 2011)
General Aviation Airport Air Monitoring Study – South Coast AQMD (Aug 2010)
Follow up to study above – South Coast AQMD (April 2011)
Santa Monica Airport Health Impact Assessment – UCLA (Feb 2010)
Lead Modeling Study at SMO (EPA – Feb 2010)
Santa Monica Municipal Airport…Downwind emissions – LAUSD (June 1999)
Aircraft Emission Impacts Adjacent to a General Aviation Airport – UCLA (Oct 2009)
Evaluation of City of Santa Monica’s authority re. environmental impacts of SMO – UCLA (Nov 2006)