Community Visioning Ideas/Suggestions

The community has been pooling ideas on what can and can’t be done, and when it can be done, in order to reduce the impact of SMO on the neighborhood.  There are many complex issues here and we must understand the constraints inherent in each strategy.  To this end, below is a link to the current list of strategies we are considering going forward.  Thanks to David Goddard, a Sunset Park resident (who also serves on the airport commission) for compiling this list.  The official City SMO visioning process is now reaching the end of its first phase which will be presented at the October 4th City Council meeting.  The second phase of this process calls for community input, so hopefully the list below can serve as a guide to focus the discussions to those things that are possible given the legal agreements in place.  There is a lot we can do.  There are some things we can’t.

Community Airport Visioning List