City Noise Analysis 250 Degree Right Turn

This report was prepared for the City of Santa Monica by “Mestre Greve Associates” and was presented to the Airport Commission. The report mirrors the methodology used by the FAA when assessing noise impacts and so gives the city an idea of where the FAA might be coming from. Unfortunately the report is based on the flawed FAA assumption that only 8 planes per day changed heading, an assertion that anyone in the area knows to be a ridiculous underestimate. Departure flight paths have still not returned to their pre-test forms more than a year later. No actual noise measurements were taken to confirm the findings of this report, it is entirely based on a computer model. Later noise measurements by CASMAT volunteers suggest that the computer model used in the report (same as the FAA model) does not correctly account for the unique topography around SMO, and significantly underestimates noise envelope contours seen in reality. We need volunteers to help with a noise measurement study to confirm this. The report contains interesting images of multiple superimposed flight tracks around SMO which give a good view of various SMO traffic patterns.