SMO in the News – Sept 2017

The following press articles relating to Santa Monica Airport appeared during September 2017:

Runway construction clear for take off (Santa Monica Daily Press, Sept 26, 2017)
Santa Monica Airport Runway Project Set to Begin (Santa Monica Lookout, Sep 25, 2017)
Official Airport Shortening Announcement (City of Santa Monica, Sept 2017)
Special Pollution Study Proposed for Santa Monica Airport (SMLookout, Sep 19, 2017)
Congressional Bid to Ground Pact Closing SMO by 2028 Thwarted (SM Lookout, Sep 7, 2017)

One thought on “SMO in the News – Sept 2017

  1. alan katz

    Good to see it was blocked. But, don’t you just love the jet fest today? WOW, Santa Monica City Council is really doing what they promised 🙂 What a joke they are. First they ignore an election, then they make a deal to cave in until 2028. Democracy in Santa Monica is an illusion. Can’t wait to hear why they refuse to shorten the runway. Does anyone really think the airport will close the same year as the Olympics ? It all just gets more insane with each lie.

    If you have any info to the otherwise, I’d sure like to hear it.

    Alan Katz
    Mar Vista resident.