SMO in the News – Feb 2017

The following articles relating to SMO have appeared in the press during February 2017:

An Airport’s Departure (Rios Clementi Hale Studios, Feb 27, 2017)
Council to Begin Implementation of SMO Closure Deal (Santa Monica Lookout, Feb  27, 2017)
Letter to the Editor:Airport emergency failures (Santa Monica Daily Press, Feb 24, 2017)
Harrison Ford Takes of in Jet Just Days After Latest Incident (, Feb 16, 2017)
Aviation Groups Challenge Santa Monica Airport Closure Deal (SM Lookout, Feb 15, 2017)
Harrison Ford Involved in ‘Potentially Serious’ Passenger Plane Incident (Variety, Feb 14, 2017)
NBAA et al Petition for Review (Feb 13, 2017)
It isn’t over yet: Aviation interests seek federal court review of deal (LA Times, Feb 13, 2017)
BYOB Santa Monica Airport (YouTube, Feb 9, 2017)
How Trump Could Shake Up the Santa Monica Airport War (Hollywood Reporter, Feb 9, 2017)
The Future SMO a Complex Matter of Facts & Law (JDA Journal, Feb 8, 2017)
Anti-airport activists find little to celebrate in SMO deal (SM Daily Press, Feb 7, 2017)
Santa Monica Discord Continues, next steps in question (AOPA, Feb 7, 2017)
Hostile battle over Santa Monica Airport may not be over (LA Daily News, Feb 7, 2017)
Protestors Organize In Opposition to Planned New Flights Out of SMO (YouTube, Feb 6, 2017)
Don’t cry for Santa Monica (General Aviation News, Feb 6, 2017)
Santa Monica Airport Decision Under Fire From Both Sides (Aero News, Feb 4, 2017)
Consent Decree signed and approved by US District Court (SM Daily Press, Feb 3, 2017)
Opinion:Santa Monica Actually Lost the Fight to Close the Airport (SM Oberserver, Feb 3, 2017)
Victory in the air (The Healthy City Local, Feb 2, 2017)
Going Direct: Betrayal—What’s Behind FAA’s SM Sneak Attack (Plane & Pilot, Feb 2, 2017)
Huerta Explains Santa Monica Deal (AOPA, Feb 2, 2017)
Santa Monica In The Age Of Alternative Facts (AV web, Feb 2, 2017)
Federal Judge Approves Agreement to Close SMO in 2029 (Beverly Hills Courier, Feb 2, 2017)
Turbulence continues over agreement to close SMO (SM Daily Press, Feb 2, 2017)
JetSuiteX Cancels All Flights at SMO through February 24 (SM Lookout, Feb 2, 2017)
Is it really over (The Argonaut, Feb 1, 2017)
Did Uber-style charter flights kill SMO? (KCRW Design&Architecture, Feb 1, 2017)
Growth takes off at Camarillo Airport (Ventura County Star, Feb 1, 2017)
SMO Uncertainty Scuttles … New Jet Chartering Service (Hollywood Reporter, Feb 1, 2017)