SMO in the News – September 2016

The following articles relating to SMO have appeared in the press during September 2016:

City vs FAA =$3,022,305.44 (Santa Monica Mirror, Sep 30, 2016)
Santa Monica airport: stay or go? (LA Times, Sep 29, 2016)
Talking Back to the FAA (Santa Monica Daily Press, Sep 28, 2016)
FAA Opens Probe of City Plans to Close Santa Monica Airport (SM Lookout, Sep 28, 2016)
Santa Monica Airport Park Expansion Moving Forward (SM Lookout, Sep 27, 2016)
FAA opens new investigation into SMO operations (SM Daily Press, Sep 27, 2016)
FAA will investigate Santa Monica’s ‘starvation strategy’ re:airport (LA Times, Sep 27, 2016)
Airport park plans take center stage at Sept. 27 council meeting (SM Daily Press, Sep 26, 2016)
Santa Monica should stop trying to run its airport into the ground (LA Times, Sep 23, 2016)
Aviation companies seek to halt their evictions from SMO (LA Times, Sept 21, 2016)
SMO: Is a boot about to drop? (The Healthy City Local, Sep 21, 2016)
American Flyers File Part-16 also (Scribd, Sept 21, 2016)
SMO Tenant Seeks Emergency FAA Order to Stop Eviction (SM Lookout, Sept 21, 2016)
City To Santa Monica FBOs: ‘You Have 30 Days To Vacate’ (AIN online, Sept 19, 2016)
Major Santa Monica Airport Tenant Issued Eviction Notice (Santa Monica Lookout, Sep 16, 2016)
Santa Monica is evicting two companies at its municipal airport (89.3 KPCC, Sep 16, 2016)
Airport tenants file new complaint over leases (Santa Monica Daily Press, Sep 16, 2016)
Legal battle widens over the future of Santa Monica Municipal Airport (LA Times, Sep 14, 2016)
Atlantic Aviation Files Part 16 Complaint Against City of Santa Monica (AIN online, Sep 14, 2016)
Santa Monica Airport Opponents Undeterred by FAA Threat (S.M. Lookout, Sep 1, 2016)