SMO in the News – Aug 2016

The following articles relating to SMO have appeared in the press during August 2016:

FAA threatens legal action over airport closure (Santa Monica Daily Press, Aug 31, 2016)
FAA threatens legal action against Santa Monica over airport (LA Times, Aug 30, 2016)
FAA: City Must Run SMO Without Unjust Discrimination (AIN online, Aug 30, 2016)
Letter from FAA threatening City (FAA, Aug 29, 2016)
The fight to close the Santa Monica Airport (89.3 KPPC AirTalk, Aug 29, 2016) (Audio)
Unfriendly skies: Piston engine aircraft pose a significant health threat (MIT News, Aug 25, 2016)
Airport closure remains a top priority for City Hall (Santa Monica Daily Press, Aug 25, 2016)
Santa Monica council votes to close the city’s airport by July 2018 (LA Times, Aug 24, 2016)
Congressman Lieu Statement On City Resolution To Close SMO (SM Mirror, Aug 24, 2016)
City Council Votes To Close Santa Monica Airport (AIN online, Aug 24, 2016)
Officials Call Again For Santa Monica Airport’s Closure (CBS Los Angeles, Aug 24, 2016)
Santa Monica Council votes to close its airport — again (MyNews L.A. , Aug 24, 2016)
Santa Monica City Council Votes to Close Airport (City of Santa Monica, Aug 23, 2016)
SMO hearing expected to dominate council meeting (S.M. Daily Press, Aug 23, 2016)
Resolution Seeks To Remove Aviation Uses at KSMO (AIN online, Aug 22, 2016)
Council united on airport (Santa Monica Daily Press, Aug 22, 2016)
Beginning the end at SMO (The Healthy City Local, Aug 20, 2016)
Bass Raps Airport Call (The Front Page Online, Aug 18, 2016)
Anti-Airport Forces Pressuring City Council to Step-Up Eviction (SM Lookout, Aug 18, 2016)
Congressman Lieu Statement On Faa’s Decision On SMO (S.M. Mirror, Aug 16, 2016)
FAA Denies City Appeal in Fight to Close SMO (Santa Monica Lookout, Aug 16, 2016)
Santa Monica loses another round in effort to close its airport (LA Times, Aug 15, 2016)
FAA upholds 2023 date for airport operations (Santa Monica Daily Press, Aug 15, 2016)
Letter: Judgment day coming for Santa Monica City Council (SM Daily Press, Aug 12, 2016)
Letting Go of SMO (Santa Monica Mirror, Aug 6, 2016)