SMO in the News – February 2016

The following articles relating to SMO have appeared in the press during February 2016:

City cites corporate greed as motivation for new airport complaint (SMDP, Feb 12, 2016)
City is “Squeezing” SMO Tenants, FAA Complaint Charges (S.M Lookout, Feb 10, 2016)
Aviation groups accuse city of making it difficult to operate at SMO (LA Times, Feb 8, 2016)
NBAA Joins in Opposing City’s Attempts to Restrict Aviation at SMO (NBAA, Feb 5, 2016)
Park plans advancing at Santa Monica Airport (Santa Monica Daily Press, Feb 4, 2016)
City  and Aviators Back Before FAA in Fight for Control of Airport (S.M. Lookout, Feb 3, 2016)
Picking up the pace for Santa Monica Airport Park Expansion (, Feb 3, 2016)
Santa Monica Appeals Ruling to Keep Airport Open (LA Business Journal, Feb 1, 2016)
City hires Rios Clementi Hale for Airport Park Expansion Project (, Feb 1, 2016)

For the latest documents relating to on-going SMO litigation, see here.

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