SMO in the News – December 2015

The following articles relating to SMO have appeared in the press during December 2015:

SMO: the saga continues (and the struggle) (The healthy City Local, Dec 21, 2015)
Santa Monica Sued Over Airport Landing Fees (Santa Monica Lookout, Dec 10, 2015)
Santa Monica Warns Fuel Companies at Airport (Santa Monica Lookout, Dec 9, 2015)
FAA Rules Santa Monica Airport Must Stay Open (Santa Monica Lookout, Dec 7, 2915)
FAA Rules On SMO, Saying It Must Remain Open Through 2023 (SM Mirror, Dec 5, 2015)
FAA rules in favor of 2023 expiration date at SMO (Santa Monica Daily Press, Dec 4, 2015)
FAA says SMO must stay open until 2023 (LA Times, Dec 4, 2015)
Dec 4, 2015 – No surprise, FAA says grant assurances run to 2023: Director’s determination
Could U.S. Cities Gain Control Over Airport Pollution? (Next City, Dec 2, 2015)
City names Nelson Hernandez Senior Advisor to City Manager on Airport (SMDP, Dec 1, 2015)