SMO in the News – August 2015

The following articles relating to SMO have appeared in the press during August 2015:

Diversity, Mobility, Homelessness, SMO … City’s Top Priorities (SM Mirror, Aug 28, 2015)
FAA delays Part 16 ruling (Santa Monica Daily Press, Aug 24, 2015)
Harrison Ford Crash Near SMO Caused By Loose Carburetor Jet (SM Mirror, Aug 6, 2015)
Faulty carburetor likely led to Harrison Ford’s plane crash, NTSB says (LA Times, Aug 6, 2015)
Lieu Urges Prompt FAA Action On Santa Monica Airport (Santa Monica Lookout, Aug 5, 2015)
U.S. Reps to FAA: make up your administrative mind (The Healthy City Local, Aug 3, 2015)
Bass and Lieu seek response from the FAA (Santa Monica Dispatch, Aug 2, 2015)
Letter:Seeking an FAA update on Santa Monica Airport (SM Daily Press, Aug 2, 2015)

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