SMO in the News – June 2105

The following articles relating to SMO have appeared in the press during June 2015:

What’s next for Santa Monica Airport? (Santa Monica Daily Press, June 30, 2015)
Enough is enough at Santa Monica Airport (Santa Monica Daily Press, June 30, 2015)
Start the Park (The Healthy City Local, June 30, 2015)
SMO Countdown Begins (The Argonaut, June 24, 2015)
“Start the Park,” Celebration of new era at airport, on July 1 (SM Dispatch, June 18, 2015)
Response to City Attorney on Legal arguments – 3 yr. jet leases (SM Dispatch, June 17, 2015)
FAA says plan for SMO flight paths won’t revive rejected rout (SM Daily Press, June 16, 2015)
Screaming jets versus squeaky wheels (Santa Monica Daily Press, June 16, 2015)
FAA proposes state-of-art traffic control system for L.A.’s … skies (LA Times, June 16, 2015)
In Lieu we entrust (Santa Monica Daily Press, June 15, 2015)
FAA: Proposed SMO departures will follow existing flight tracks (SM Daily Press, June 15, 2015)
FAA Workshop In Santa Monica On Metroplex Project Approaches (SM Mirror, June 13, 2015)
The Two Sides: ‘For Aviation’ vs. ‘Against Lead Pollution’ (Aviation Impact Reform, Jun 12, 2015)
Library Meeting Will Discuss Possible FAA Changes for SMO (SM Lookout, June 8, 2015)
Will FAA plan impact flights over Santa Monica? (Santa Monica Daily Press, June 8, 2015)
FAA To Host SoCal Metroplex Public Workshop In Santa Monica (SM Mirror, June 6, 2015)

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