SMO in the News – June 2014

The following articles relating to SMO have appeared in the press during June 2014:

Responding to Anderson (Santa Monica Daily Press, Jun 28, 2014)
Foes of closing SMO accuse city officials of conflict (LA Times, Jun 28, 2014)
Council considers rock, hard place on SMO measure (SM Daily Press, Jun 27, 2014)
Both Sides of Airport Debate Say They Support Residents (SM Lookout, Jun 27, 2014)
City Hall Seeks Competing SMO Voter Initiative (Santa Monica Mirror, Jun 27, 2014)
Santa Monica City Council Refines Airport Ballot Measure (SM Next, Jun 27, 2014)
Dissecting a Press Release (The Healthy City Local, Jun 27, 2014)
SMO advocates claim two commissioners have conflicts (LA Times, Jun 25, 2014)
Council Could Place Rival Airport Measure on November Ballot (SM Lookout, Jun 23, 2014)
Council reviews new airport initiative, OKs new budget (Santa Monica Dispatch, Jun 23, 2914)
Pro-airport group claims lawsuit halts public participation (SM Daily Press, Jun 21, 2014)
Council to consider competing airport ballot measure (Santa Monica Daily Press, Jun 20, 2014)
City attorney recommends alternative ballot measure… (, Jun 19, 2014)
Former Mayor Announces City Council Bid (Santa Monica Lookout, Jun 18, 2014)
Santa Monica Airport Activists Attempt to Ground Lawsuit (SM Lookout, Jun 17, 2014)
Location, location, location (Santa Monica Daily Press, Jun 14, 2014)
…571 tons of toxic lead released into America’s skies every year (Natural News, Jun 13, 2014)
SMO Ballot Initiative Gathers More Than 15,500 Signatures (SM Mirror, Jun 13, 2014)
Safety last: Lies and coverups mask roots of small plane carnage (USA Today, Jun 12, 2014)
Airport theory Doesn’t fly (Santa Monica Daily Press, June 11, 2014)
When 15,704 signatures are not 15,704 signatures (The Healthy City Local, Jun 11, 2014)
Aviation Lobby turns in petitions in effort to dictate airport future (SM Dispatch, Jun 11, 2014)
Airport Advocates Submit More than 15,000 Signatures (SM Lookout, Jun 11, 2014)
National lobbying group likely successful in buying ballot access (SM Next, Jun 10, 2014)
Pro-airport group files signed petitions (Santa Monica Daily Press, Jun 10, 2014)
Battling the Airport Initiative (The Healthy City Local, Jun 10, 2014)
Signatures for SMO Initiative Submission Expected Monday (SM Lookout, Jun 9, 2014)