SMO in the news – November 2013

The following articles relating to SMO have appeared in the press during November 2013:

SMO Airspace To Expand Slightly On December 12 (Santa Monica Mirror, Nov 29, 2013)
Letter: Santa Monica Airport is none of your business (SM Daily Press, Nov 26, 2013)
Growing a park at the airport: step by step (Santa Monica Patch, Nov 25, 2013)
Letter: Airport to Park (Santa Monica Patch, Nov 25, 2013)
Santa Monica Sues for Closure of Airport (Aviation & Airport law news, Nov 21, 2013)
Attorneys to make $575 per hour in airport lawsuit (SM Daily Press, Nov 21, 2013)
Letter: Laughable responses to SMO closure (Santa Monica Daily Press, Nov 20, 2013)
Letter: Jumping the gun with lawsuit (Santa Monica Daily Press, Nov 19, 2013)
Congressman Urges Faster Investigation into SMO Crash (SM Lookout, Nov 18, 2013)
Congressman Waxman Urges Thorough SMO Investigation (SM Mirror, Nov 18, 2013)
Waxman Letter to NTSB regarding crash at SMO (, Nov 18, 2013)
Airport Closure (Santa Monica Patch, Nov 17, 2013)
The Q-Line: Airing it out (Santa Monica Daily Press, Nov 15, 2013)
Letter: Airport poses no significant threat (Santa Monica Daily Press, Nov 13, 2013)
Our Town: The saga of Santa Monica Airport (Santa Monica Daily Press, Nov 11, 2013)
Picnic re-imagines airport through play (Airport2Park, Nov 8, 2013)
State Assembly Candidate in Favor of Closing SMO (SM Patch, Nov 7, 2013)
Activists … pushing for flight restrictions or a total closure (Argonaut, Nov 6, 2013)
Santa Monica Airport in its final destination? (The Corsair, Nov 6, 2013)
Family of Santa Monica Airport crash victim sues pilot’s estate (LA Times, Nov 6, 2013)
Santa Monica Airport: Business asset or too close for comfort? (89/3 KPCC, Nov 6, 2013)
State Assembly Candidate Vows to Support Closure of SMO (SM Lookout, Nov 6, 2013)
City of Santa Monica sues FAA for control of SMO (AERLex Law Group, Nov 5, 2013)
Wrongful-Death Lawsuit Filed In Santa Monica Plane Crash (CBS 2, Nov 5, 2013)
Family Files Lawsuit Againt Pilot’s Estate in Fatal Crash (SM Patch, Nov 5, 2013)
Santa Monica Airport Takes Another Hit (Flying Magazine, Nov 5, 2013)
Santa Monica’s FAA Lawsuit Resonates with City’s Property Owners (SM Lookout, Nov 4, 2013)
Storming the FAA beach (Santa Monica Patch, Nov 3, 2013)
NBAA Opposes Santa Monica Council’s Latest Action on Airport (Aviation Pros, Nov 1, 2013)
AOPA Calls Lawsuit To Close SMO Meritless: Open Letter (SM Mirror, Nov 1, 2013)
Santa Monica Sues FAA to Close Airport (Cal Pilots, Nov 1, 2013)
City Hall Sues FAA Over Future of Santa Monica Airport (SM Lookout, Nov 1, 2013)