SMO in the News – February 2013

The following articles relating to SMO have appeared in the press during February 2013:

Airports big and small may feel effects of federal budget feud (LA Times, Feb 28, 2013)
Ambitious greenhouse gas cuts approved (Santa Monica Daily Press, Feb 27, 2013)
FAA Eyes Santa Monica Airport Tower for Closure (Santa Monica Lookout, Feb 26, 2013)
Sequester Could Close SMO Tower (Santa Monica Patch, Feb 26, 2013)
Sequester cuts could hit most aspects of local life (Santa Monica Daily Press, Feb 26, 2013)
Sequestration threatens local airports, public schools (ABC 7, Feb 26, 2013)
What … Canceled Due To SEQUESTRATION??? (DailyKos, Feb 22, 2013) – See comments re:SMO
Letter from Secretary of Transport Re:Tower closures (Feb 22, 2013) – Santa Monica is on the list!
Facilities that could be closed due to sequestration (, Feb 22, 2013)
Winter Sunsets at SMO Can Be Toxic (Santa Monica Patch, Feb 21, 2013)
City Vision on SMO Is Biased CITY (Santa Monica Patch, Feb 12, 2013)
CRAAP Endorses Mike Bonin for City Council (Brentwood Patch, Feb 11, 2013)
Public suggestions on medical pot run gamut (Santa Monica Daily Press, Feb 10, 2013)
Bill Introduced to Regulate Helicopter Flight Paths, Altitudes (Pac Palisades Patch, Feb  4, 2013)
Santa Monica Should Legalize Medical Marijuana (Santa Monica Dispatch, Feb 2, 2013)
Former SM Sushi Restaurant Could Be Fined $1.2M For Selling Whale (SM Mirror, Feb 1, 2013)
Sushi Chefs, Restaurant Charged With Selling Whale Meat (SM Patch, Feb 1, 2013)
Feds charge restaurant owner, chefs with selling endangered whale meat (SMDP, Feb 1, 2013)