New Anti-Airport Group Endorses based on CASMAT ratings

SPAA lawn sign

A new anti-airport group Sunset Park Anti-Airport Inc. (SPAA) has chosen to base their endorsements on the CASMAT ratings announced on September 24, 2012.  SPAA has endorsed Ted Winterer, Richard McKinnon, Frank Gruber, and Tony Vazquez.  These four candidates were in the green ‘high confidence’ zone of CASMAT’s ratings, meaning that CASMAT’s internal poll found high confidence that they will work to bring about real change at SMO in line with the findings of the CASMAT and other local surveys.

SPAA is holding a meet and greet for these candidates on October 18 (see the SPAA calendar page here).  SPAA has created signs based on the CASMAT ratings that you can order for your yard (see here).  SPAA also seeks donations to help it drive change at SMO (see here).

In a separate development Concerned Residents Against Airport Pollution (CRAAP) has recently endorsed the same four candidates (see yesterday’s press release here).

Moreover, for Ted Winterer and Richard McKinnon, the top two candidates on the CASMAT list, a number of local organizations have formed a coalition (see here) to endorse and support the candidates.  These organizations include Santa Monicans for Responsible Growth, the Sierra Club, and CRAAP.  LoudPlanes also has endorsed these two candidates (see here).

Although CASMAT itself does not endorse candidates, we recommend that CASMAT readers/members find out more about the organizations listed above and the ‘green’ zone candidates they endorse.