SMO in the News

The following articles relating to SMO have appeared in the press recently.  The flawed but on-going visioning process, particularly city staff’s resulting recommendations to the Council (which fly in the face of all visioning results both by the city and the community),  appear to be precipitating a show-down between the City and its residents.
Some SM Residents Upset Over Flight School’s Groupon Deal (CBS LA, May 24, 2012) – Video
Discounted Flight Lessons Raise Concern … California Airport (DailyDeal Media, May 23, 2012)
Groupon Good for Flight Schools, Bad for Neighbors? (Santa Monica Patch, May 21, 2012)
Commissioners Advise Early Legal Action to Modify, Close Airport (SM Patch, May 18, 2012)
Survey:Santa Monica airport not ‘key’ issue (Aircraft Owners & Pilots Assn., May 17, 2012)
Santa Monica Airport Opponents Should Be More Open-minded (LookOut News, May 17, 2012)
Fire at SMO and what just what is a contract anyway? (AOPA – Leading Edge, May 16, 2012)
Poll Showing Support for Santa Monica Airport Statistically Valid (LookOut News, May 16, 2012)
Residents Call for Santa Monica Airport to Shut Down (California Report, May 16, 2012) – Audio
Letter:Take Back Santa Monica Airport Land (The LookOut News, May 14, 2012)
An Exchange:Councilman & Resident (Santa Monica Dispatch, May 12, 2012)
Santa Monica Airport Visioning Process Enters Its Third Phase (Santa Monica Mirror, May 11, 2012)
Let the Wild Rumpus Begin (Santa Monica Dispatch, May 11, 2012)
Flight schools, city close to deal to ease air traffic (Santa Monica Daily Press, May 10, 2012)
Anti-Airport? Tell the Feds, Council Says (Santa Monica Patch, May 10, 2012)
Council Puts Closing Santa Monica Airport on the Table (The LookOut News, May 10, 2012)
City Hall wins $39.5M settlement with Boeing (Santa Monica Daily Press, May 10, 2012)
An Update on the Future of SMO (Flying Magazine, May 08, 2012)
Council to Discuss Santa Monica Airport’s Future (The LookOut News, May 08, 2012)
Council to Consider Airport Study Tuesday (Santa Monica Dispatch, May 07, 2012)
Letter to the City Council (Santa Monica Dispatch, May 07, 2012)