SMO in the News

Below are links to various articles relating to SMO in the news recently.  In particular the “Not Flying so High” link describes the work of CASMAT volunteers.

Link:Hearing takes aim at SMO pollution (Santa Monica Daily Press – Dec 2, 2011)
Link:Santa Monica Airport Health Concerns Discussed… (Santa Monica Daily Mirror – Dec 2, 2011)
Link:Should Santa Monica Airport be saved (89.3 KPCC – Nov 30, 2011)
Link:Senator to Hold Airport Air Quality Hearing Wednesday (Santa Monica Patch – Nov 28, 2011)
Link:Battle over Santa Monica Airport’s future revs up (Los Angeles Time – Nov 26, 2011)
Link:Lieu to hold environmental hearing on SMO (Argonaut – Nov 24, 2011)
Link:Not Flying so High (Santa Monica Daily Press  – Nov 19,2011)
Link:Jets over our Schools (Santa Monica Dispatch – Nov 16, 2011)
Link:Pilot Begins 60-Day Sentence… (Santa Monica Mirror – Nov 16, 2011)