SMO Related Crashes

Santa Monica Airport – 1950’s – wet runway

According to the partial list of Aviation Accidents connected with SMO (compiled by Zina Josephs), there have been a total of 83 incidents/crashes since 1982 associated with SMO.  Incidents prior to 1982 are not available on the NTSB database.  Of these 25 have been flight school related.  Many of these flight schools no longer operate out of SMO.  Justice Aviation tops the list with 7 incidents (4 fatalities), followed by American Flyers with 4 incidents (2 fatalities).

Link to full details:Aviation Accidents Connected with Santa Monica Airport (SMO)

Four of the last six crashes/incidents at SMO (i.e., since October 2008) have been flight school related, two of them fatal.  Northfield Aviation apparently ceased business after the October 2008 fatal crash which killed an instructor.  Three of these incidents (one fatal) were associated with Justice Aviation.

Justice Aviation written statement in response to Aug 29,2011 crash:

In 20 years, and with more than 2,000 students, none have suffered serious injury in a crash.

In the July 1, 2010 crash, the pilot was practicing touch-and-go landings using a Justice Aviation plane when he crashed into the golf course and was killed.  Despite the fact that the plane was rented from Justice Aviation and being used for training/practice purposes, because no formal instruction was taking place, I guess this does not count.

City of Santa Monica written statement on Sept 2,1011 in response to Aug 29,2011 crash:

This is the first known accident involving a student pilot directly associated with one of the Airport’s flight schools.

There have been many accidents involving student pilots and the flight schools including the incidents on 3/10/11, 10/7/08, 2/4/04, 11/22/94, 6/24/92, 3/9/92, 10/7/89, 8/6/89, 12/24/87, 9/22/87, 6/18/87, 10/16/86 (2 fatalities), and at least 5 others.

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